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Šifra izdelka: 23WH95H
2.149,01 €

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Our first windsurf hydrofoil is a strong, high-tech and uncompromising product. We strongly believe in the future of windfoiling and spent hours and hours on testing and trying different solutions. We came to the conclusion that the best was to propose a product that could give the highest stiffness and lightweight possible. What?s needed to approach this discipline is to have a simple to use, lightweight product to fit. The WH Flight Carbon Hydrofoil 95 has his highest performance under light wind conditions; our hydrofoil allows you to enter the water with 8/9 knots and literally fly on it. The days you spent on the beach waiting for the wind will be trampled into absolutely active days, unforgettable and physically expensive moments.

It?s a perfect freeride foil. You can use it to learn and to go really fast to the next level, where it is loads of fun as a progressive freerider. The learning curve of wind foiling is very fast, so we have thought at a product that could be adapted to beginners, but fully satisfy those who have already practiced and require an high performance level.

The WH Flight Carbon Hydrofoil 95 gives his best once you are confident on your ride and want to advance in your level trying to keep the hammer down.


Our full carbon pre-preg monocoque autoclave technology allows the highest stiffness levels to be achieved, avoiding side twisting of the mast to achieve great speed and maximum control. We have thought of a lightweight solution with a thin profile mast of 15 mm which is the perfect compromise to maintain a good performance without exagerating making it too thin and sharp and consequently dangerous in case of clashing in it.

The WH Flight Carbon Hydrofoil 95 is the lightest hydrofoil available on the market (only 2,5 kg) as we have intensely worked on the technology and definitely pulled out a product which leaves no room for misunderstanding: it?s lightweight, easy to use and fast!

We have decided to go for a 4 separable full carbon pieces because it is the safest and more comfortable system; easy to transport and to assemble. The fuselage perfectly fits in the mast and keeps the position without any movement or twist during the flight. Once you are back on the beach you just need to remove the screws, put everything back in the bag and throw it all in the car.

We are proud for having developed such an high quality carbon product which we believe will add such a high pulse of many in our sport.

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